My ode to hangtags - Part 5

And second Eric Kass of FUNNEL. This set is actually stuff that he has collected along his travels. He also has great samples of other Paper + Ephemera including business cards, collages and exhibit design in his other sets. Well done! They are a great resource for any graphic designer:

My ode to hangtags - Part 4

And here are a couple of other designers that I found on Flickr who are doing amazing work. First the lovely Julie of Handmade Julz.

Here a couple shots of her stuff on Flickr:

My ode to hangtags - Part 3

My ode to hangtags - Part 2

My ode to hangtags - Part 1

I was recently going through my magazines and creating tear sheet files - great fun on a rainy Sunday afternoon if you have one! I rediscovered a spread in Sportswear International - it's from a couple of years back, a denim special but still incredibly relevant. It showcases a nice array of innovative hangtags.

And here they are:

Updates continued

And some fabulous t-shirts from the Bean Dip crew:

Updates continued

I have been waiting for the Defined by Media site to be updated. In the meantime, an interesting campaign photo from Christopher Lehault:

Updates... on past posts

Because it has been so long since I've updated... I thought I would take a look back through the talent I posted and see what they have been up to.

Free People remains one of my favourite brands. I love checking out their blog to see what they've been up to. Check out some of their pieces below from their August catalog:

Updates.... first on myself

My last post was far too long ago... November 2006 to be exact. Since then I was married, worked at Bootlegger in their marketing department and recently made the leap to working for myself once again.

Most of the work I've been doing lately is for a fantastic local company called Orb Clothing. They make beautiful, feminine pieces with lots of creative embellishments and screen printing. I can't post any of the work I've done just yet... but check out these pieces (below) from their Fall 2008 Season:

Shoebox creative

These creative cats from Sydney, Australia create t-shirt designs, art direct fashion shoots and create collateral... they even host a weekly radio show featuring "funk infected beats". Well played indeed!

Free Spirit

free people

Whimsical labels and use of embellishment at Free People. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to be assigned one of their interview projects. Sigh...

Our new cultural bonds

Christopher from Defined by Media has done some sophisticated designs for clothing company Covet. I love the discharge print even though it is birds (which I feel are a bit played out right now). I also enjoyed his catalog imagery for Spiewalk

and his explanation of the "Defined by Media" name. I feel ya.

Ghoulish, ghostly and glam looks

Everyone has some makeup in their cupboards don't they? Here are some last minute ideas by Mac cosmetics. I would love to see photos of the final result if anyone gives it a try.

Florida Tees

This morning I discovered Bean Dip. Based out of Florida and using a lot of talented local artists down there, their merch has recently been added to Karmaloop.

Then when checking out their list of artists, I stumbled upon Danny Jones. His clients include Adidas & Macy's and his work is absolutely fantastic. Great inspiration on a cold Monday morning.

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